Search Engine Ascent

Sixteen chapters of concise practical advice showing you exactly how to optimise your site's search engine rankings.

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Ascending the search engine ranks can be a tedious and frustrating task often hindered by misinformation.

To help you claim your rightful place amongst those elusive top search results I have compiled this collection of articles from renowned search guru, Sumantra Roy.

Each article is short and concise - designed to unlock some of the mysteries of search positioning and help you work your way to the top!

Totally free and without obligation, Search Engine Ascent is packed with information including:

  • How to choose the right keywords for your site

  • Simple advice that can ensure the domain you choose is placed at the top of many search directories
  • How to create keyword rich pages
  • Eleven ways to improve the link popularity of your site
  • Getting your site an optimum listing in the Open Directory
  • Detailed instructions show you exactly how to get listed on Yahoo
  • Top 10 search engine positioning mistakes
  • Plus much, much more...

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You won't find any complex theories but practical workable ideas to help you enhance your search engine visibility.

This compilation of articles could save you hundreds of hours of online research and provides some real treasures of information (such as a Yahoo editors personal email address!).


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PS. Search Engine Ascent provides valuable fact with a little 'padding out' we could easily add a price tag to the book and have a product as good, if not better than many similar books currently on sale.

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