LinkShare Affiliate Program

I am no longer recommending LinkShare.

I used their program for 18 months. They have some of the big name merchants, a nice site and  good tools. However they do NOT have a good payment track record.

With the volatile business climate Merchants come and go, this is expected. Some affiliate programs like Commission Junction (my favorite), clixGalore and ClickXchange charge merchants up front and require a positive payment pool account balance. Thus assuring good odds of payment. I have always been paid, even by bankrupt companies from Commission Junction, ClixGalore and ClickXchange.  With LinkShare merchant that have closed have NOT paid their commission and because most LinkShare merchants pay quarterly you lose 3 - 5 months of commissions.

There was even a very well known company that is still in operation that ran a 3 month affiliate program. At the end of the three months they informed me the program was renewed for a additional 3 months. Two weeks later the program was deactivated saying a mistake was made and there would be no commission for the renewal period. At the end of the quarter I inquired about my check and was told by the merchant that LinkShare reported "irregularities" and would not be sending a check. They would not elaborate and said to talk to LinkShare, of course LinkShare says it is a Merchant issue. Of course no one cares that I have:

  • Server logs that prove the traffic,

  • That no other link "irregularitires" have ever been questioned in the 18 months,
  • That no notice or questions were sent during or after the program,
  • That in 5 years of operation no other affiliate program has questioned any of my links.

In 18 months there has been over $5,000 in unpaid commissions from LinkShare