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Find the best rates on phone service that matches your calling patterns.
We feature low cost and flat rate long distance phone service and local/long distance phone service packages. We compare rates at the big national phone service companies along with high quality discount phone service providers. You can also skip the best rates calculator and jump to our discount phone services page that lists all the programs available.


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Why all the choices in phone service? With both cellular phones, office phones, email and home phones our communications needs are all diferant. No one phone plan works for us anymore. Local phone service is now available from multiple companies offering differant feature bundles and verious unlimited usage plans. Many package this with unlimited "in state" or local toll calls. The long distance market has even more options from unlimited long distance for a flat monthly fee, to very low cost per minute plans and even no monthly fee plans.  Many plans include a toll free "800" incoming number which is great if you have kids away at school or travel and need a cheap and easy way to call home without calling cards.

Customer Feedback Example:  "My cellular plan includes unlimited free long distance for nignts and weekends so I almost never used my home phone for long distance but ATT was charging a monthly fee. I used the phone service calculater and found a long distance service with no minimums and no monthly fee. And the per minuet rate was lower than the old long distance plan."

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