Prepaid Cell Phones, low monthly rates, no credit check, no contract and usage cost control.  Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones

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Prepaid Cell Phones, low monthly rates, no credit check, no contract and usage cost control.

Important - don't forget to ICE your cell phone.

Low monthly cell phone bills No / Low monthly cell phone bills - Prepaid cell phones are the most cost effective low-usage cell phone service. For less than $8/month my parents and wife carry activated cell phones. (Honest, my wife uses almost no airtime!).[$8 per month, How?] Annual airtime cards and 90 day airtime cards = cell phones without monthly payments! Low monthly rates on cell phones is why we buy them.

Prepaid Cell Phones for bad credit Cost Control - Prepaid monthly cell phones are great for users on a tight budget and are the easiest to control costs. Use prepaid monthly cell phone cards and have no huge phone bills. The phone tells you the remaining minutes, buy only the cell phone minutes you can afford. Bad credit, no credit? No problem because TRACFONE prepaid cell phone uses no contract!

The Best Deal in Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones

If you talk only a little, want a emergency phone and want the lowest average monthly cost this prepaid cellular is for you:

If you talk a lot and what the lowest per minutes rates with no daily fee and no connection charges this prepaid cellularis for you:

cheap monthly cell

Availability - TRACFONE and Net10 prepaid cell phones and airtime cards are available online and in major retailers with low monthly cell phone bills.  

 Buy it online from, Wal*tracfone prepaid cellualrMart, Amazon

More Prepaid Options

Get T-Mobile PREPAID without getting BURNED!

Prepaid phone specials from Cingular, Cricket, MetroPCS and more

Pro / Con - Is prepaid wireless a good idea?

Prepaid Cell Phone Advantages

· Prepaid Cell Phone service requires No contracts, No credit check, No deposits and No monthly bills.

· No monthly service charge, prepaid cellular is pay-as-you-go so that you control your costs.

· Phone monitors usage and warns you when you are low. No unexpected overuse and surprise bills.

·  Digital service includes free voice mail, free caller ID and free call waiting.

·  Low monthly rates on cell phones and cell phones without monthly payments.

Prepaid Cell Phone Cautions

· Per minute rates can be higher than traditional cell phones during off-peak times like nights and weekends.

· Prepaid minutes expire if unused for a period of time.

· If you let the service expire you may be issued a new phone number next time you buy time and activate.


TRACFONE currently sells the very popular Nokia Series digital cell phone.

TRACFONE offers its customers the highest rated customer service in the wireless industry (source: Planet Feedback, 2002).

TRACFONE has the largest digital coverage area in the U.S.

Additional TRACFONE minutes available at major retailers, by phone and online, it is easy to add time anywhere.

TRACFONE has No activation fee, No age limit, No credit card requirement and No monthly fee.

Why Net 10?

Net 10 offers the lowest per min rates and no daily or connection fees.

 Net 10 uses the very popular Motorola and Nokia Series digital cell phones.

Net 10 has the largest digital coverage area in the U.S.

Net 10 minutes available at major retailers, by phone and online, it is easy to add time anywhere.

Net 10  has NO contracts, credit checks, monthly fees, security deposits, activation or deactivation charges, or age restrictions.

Additional Prepaid Cellular Information:

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Prepaid Cellular Outlet at eBay Auctions

$8/month low monthly cell phone bills = cheap cell phone for emergencies!
Go to the TracFone web site and look at the plans priced around $95-99. They will usually have special combo that includes a 1 year wireless service card plus a free phone. I paid $94.99 for a phone and one year of service. There is no monthly bill! The average cost comes out to $7.92 a month. Now that is cheap cell phone service!!

Fixed Price Cellular

Another alternative to keep your cellular phone bill under control.

Metro PCS - Unlimited local calls, anytime you want. Only $35 a month. No Contract

ICE you prepaid cell phone

Emergency personnel are starting to check injured persons cell phones for emergency contact information by looking in the phones Phonebook for a contact listed under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency).


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