The Secret to Lifetime Income on the Internet!

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Don't give away you web site traffic for a few cents a click or a small percentage of the sale!
You work hard for your traffic and most affiliate programs are just paying you to 'refer' customers, knowing that after the first click they will probably bypass your site and go direct. It is a vicious circle.

The answer - RESIDUAL INCOME!  With  a residual income model you continue to get paid, month after month. Your customers produce ongoing income every time they utilize the product or service you referred them too. Only residual income programs let you take time off and the income keeps rolling in (you could even shut your site down and still make money from prior referrals!)

MLM that Works - tired of the Hype. This is a real company with real products. I have worked with them since 99 and am very pleased.

Must Read! Dr. Neil Shearing - Auto Income Secrets - The All-New “Quick and Easy” System For Making Money Online Without Products And Without Building Lists! Neil shows you exactly what to do and includes 99 screenshots showing you what to click and where. Even if you're a total newbie, you can work this system.

Affiliate Programs - these companies pay you a residual income on the activities of people you sponsor, month after month. Promote these affilate program companies for lifetime sponsorship income.

E-Mail - There are email programs that offer email advertisements that will pay you for every email the client receives for life:

Products - how would you like to get paid every time one of your customers uses or buys a product, for life! Here are some examples: